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Green Tea*, Camomile*, Lemongrass*, Black tea. *From Organic Cultivation. Store in a dry and dark place.

Welcome to the world of tea hearts. Join us on this journey to discover tea and experience the benefits which the Chinese have been enjoying since ancient times. Tea hearts are pressed tea in the shape of little hearts. A special pressing technique captures the precious aroma and scent of every little heart. Watch the heart unfurl, becoming a bouquet of tea leaves full of flavour. The aroma of this oldest tea is precisely how the inventor emperor Shen Nung drank it; bitter sweet.

A lingering subtle bittersweet cup of authentic Chinese organic green tea. You can watch the small tea bundle unfold and become a full and open heart filled with love.

Yeh Tea Flavour Intensity Scale: 6
0-1: Herbal and Caffeine Free
2-4: Easy Drink
5-6: Tea Lovers and Foodies
7-8: Step To Professional
9-10: Tea Masters

Packaging and Design
Driven by food and culture, and inspired by her roots in Holland, Hsiu-Li Yeh launched Yeh Tea, a vibrant tea-lifestyle collection for the modern home – all in her signature Dutch-Asian style. Since being launched in 2009, the best-selling product and sub-brand Tea Hearts has grown rapidly. Tea Heart’s client list now includes prestigious department stores, speciality stores and luxury hotels.

This Gift Box Deluxe is packed in a ready-to-use filter. Each mini box has one tea heart.
One Gift Box has 8 mini boxes of which 2x pure green tea, 2x pure green tea & camomile, 2x green tea & lemongrass and 2x pure black tea.

The tea hearts has a mild taste and has a natural green-tea-bitterness. Mixed with lemongrass or camomile makes the tea hearts taste subtle and delicate.

Content: 22g (4 x 2.5, 4 x 3g)

Size Deluxe Gift Box: W7 x L33 x H4cm

Anti-oxidants: Medium
Caffeine: Medium

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