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Green Tea*. *From Organic Culivation

Bi Luo Chun green tea comes from the province Jiangsu in China. The name Bi Luo Chun means 'spring green snails'. The leaves are tighly rolled and curled to imitate the shape of snails. This tea is a typical Chinese tea, which the Chinese drink daily. As the taste of this tea has a fruity and flowery aroma, more and more people in the West learn to appreciate this tea.

Flavour Description 
Dry Leaf: The dry leaves are silver green in color. The tea is the shape of snail with small bud having slim funicular twist and an aroma of fresh fragrance.   
Infused Leaf: When water is added to the tea, it gives a fresh green color and fresh fragrant aroma
Liquor: When you pour the tea in the cup, the tea looks light green with a fresh, fragrant and smooth body taste.

Yeh Tea Flavour Intensity Scale: 8
0-1: Herbal and Caffeine Free
2-4: Easy Drink
5-6: Tea Lovers and Foodies
7-8: Step To Professional
9-10: Tea Masters

Preperation instructions
Add 2-3 grams of Bi Luo Chun per 100ml of water at 70-80 Degrees Celsius and steep for three minutes. Our Black Label Bi Luo Chun Green tea can be infused 3-4 times by adding more boiling water to the same teapot.

Packaging and Design
The product is available is two packaging: Tin and a Craft Bag. The product has been designed by Hsiu-Li Yeh having more than 10 Years’ experience in Retail, Product and Brand Design.


Tin:  Measurement - Diameter 8.5cm and Height 2.8cm The size and the weight of Tin has been selected to make it easier to carry and fit in a bag or pocket, and it is water-resistent. The lid has an air tight screw to preserve the flavour and fragrance. The lid has a classy black design with Yeh Tea branding in Gold on the outer end of the rim to give it a shiny and superior look. In the middle it shows how the Jasmine pearls look like with details about the tea. At the bottom you will information about the instructions for preparing the tea, ingredients, company information, and Organic Certification Code. 
Craft Bag: Measurement - Length 10cm, Height 20cm and Width 3cm.The bag is made of sustainable Brown Natron Kraft  and Kraft Paper. The front has a Black Label branding with Gold Yeh Tea Logo and. The bag is folded to the bag and closed with a gold strip. 

Product Information
Bi Luo Chun is an Organic Green from the Jiangsu Province of China. The tea is harvested at higher altitude during early spring season. It is traditionally handmade having buds with smaller leaves. The production methods used to make this tea comprises of non-oxidation, withering and roasting to bring you the best quality tea.

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