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What is the secret of a delicious noodle soup? When do you eat Chinese food? What different dumplings are there and how do you fold them? What is the favorite dish by theemaker Amanda Yiu and how do you make the award winning dessert of Chef Eveline Wu?

Maancake & Jasmine - 100 secret recipes of Chinese mothers is a unique cookbook and storybook that focuses on the personal stories and favorite dishes of twenty Chinese Dutchmen and their mothers. Authentic recipes, originating from all winds of China, are intertwined with culinary memories. Together they form this wonderful reference work and an oath to all Chinese mothers in the Netherlands.

NOTE: The book is written in Dutch


Autors: Marie Lam, Julie Ng 

Leverbaar: limited availabity, be fast!

Press: 1e druk

Productform: Hard Cover

Language: Dutch

Publisher: ROSE stories


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